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Aide de Camp Books Wants Your Military History Books

Aide de Camp Books will buy your used militray history books

Since most of our inventory is used we are constantly looking for used military history used books to buy and offer to our customers.  If you have books that you'd like to sell to us please read the notes below and follow the directions on how to contact Aid de Camp Books.

It's so easy!

  1. Just click this link - "Sell us your  books" and enter each book's complete title and the author in the email along with a description of its condition. 
  2. If you like what we offer, you'll just need to pack and ship the books to us in Hampton, New Hampshire, USA.   You are responsible for the shipping costs, and recommends you use book rate from the United States Postal Service.  We also accept previously authorized book deliverys at conventions and at our shop in York Maine, USA.  No cold calls please.
  3. Once they arrive, we'll look them over and issue payment in your choice of online credit or cash.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Our buyers are very particular about condition.
  • We do not usually accept Book Club Editions.
  • We have to make a profit too so we will not be able to offer you what we sell the books for.
  • We will usually offer you more in credit than in cash.

Payment options: Credit/Trade: Online Credit (often referred to as "trade") is credit that we place directly in your account. It can be used for any purchases made from

PayPal: We can automatically issue funds into your PayPal account. If you do not already have an account setting up one is is easy. 

Questions, comments, or suggestions
Please write to [email protected]
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